Butane torch lighter micro blue flam creme brulee chefs blow welding gas torch lighter BS 480

Short Description:

EU CE certificate

1. Color: black, silver, red, blue

2. Size: 11.7X6X15.7cm

3. Weight: 195 g

4. Air capacity: 10g

5. The head adjusts the flame size

6. Aluminum alloy shell

7. Security lock

8. Fuel: Butane

9. Logo: can be customized

10. Packing: color box

11. Outer carton: 100 pcs/box; 10/medium box

12. Size: 67.5*35*68.5cm

13. Gross net weight: 28 /26kg

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Features Of Product

1. Easily adjust and lock the flame with just one hand, without having to free up the other hand to assist operation, providing convenience.

2. Adjustable flame, not only for roasting, searing meat, but also for welding, crafting, jewelry DIY and camping.

3. Bottom is inflatable, refillable and easy to operate, baking, cooking is easier.

4. Our torch undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet industry safety guidelines.


Use Instructions

1.To use, pull down the safety lock and ignite by pushing forward.

2.If not use, push up safety lock to CLOSE so as to facilitate carrying.

3.Press and hold the ignition button, meanwhile push up the safety lock to keep the flame burning continuously.If you want to turn off the flame, pull down the safety lock to stop the burning.

4.TO adjust height of flame,turn gas regulator lever to (+) or (-).

5.To fill the gas, keep the air hole upward.


Kind Tips

1. For safety reasons, keep away from fire sources, flammable items.

2. Do not use the flame torch for more than 15 minutes, let the torch rest and cool down naturally after use. Do not immerse hot parts in water.

3. When refilling, if there is air leakage from the air inlet, it means that the gas cylinder is full. Continuing can lead to excessive stress. Don't keep filling.

4. Keep the kitchen flashlight away from children when using it, and do not touch the protective tube when using it.

5. Please keep the product away from direct sunlight for a long time or place it in a place above 50℃/122℉.


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