BS-116 Custom portable butane gas kitchen mini jet torch cigar lighter

Short Description:

1. Size: 4.6X3.3X13.3cm

2. Weight: 124g

3. Gas volume: 4g

4. Plastic + Zinc Alloy

5. Single fire

6. Fuel: Butane

Display box packaging

Packing: 144 pcs/box; 12 pcs/display box;

Outer box size: 36.6X29.5X43.7cm

Gross/Net: 20.5/19.5kg

Product Detail

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Features Of Product

1. All brass spout, high temperature flame and high firepower, stable flame heating.

2. The bottom is an inflatable device to ensure long-term use.

3.The switch button is moderately tight and comfortable to the touch.

4. Easy flame adjustment and stable flame size.

5. Widely used for heating food in the family.


Direction Of Use

1.To fill gas tank. Turn unit upside down and firmly push the butane can into the filling valve.The tank should be filled in 5 seconds.Please allow a few minutes after filling for the gas to stabilize.

2.Press the trigger.

3.Use the adjusting ring at the bottom to control the flame.

4.Release your finger to turn off the torch.



1. After charging, wait a few minutes until the gas is stable.

2. Be careful when using the flashlight near fire, heaters or flammable objects.

3. Please do not touch the nozzle during use or just after use, otherwise you may be burned.

4. Please ensure that there is no open flame inside the product and it has been cooled before storing.

5. Do not disassemble or repair the product without authorization.

6. It is recommended not to use the product continuously for more than 5 minutes!


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