WS-523C Big Butane Torch Refillable Industrial Torch Portable Anti-Flare Brass Nozzle Adjustable Flames

Short Description:

EU CE certificate

1. Color: purple

2. Dimensions: 170X85X50 mm

3. Weight: 196g

4. Stainless steel tube

5. Barrel caliber: 22mm

6. Can be used upside down

7. Fuel: Butane

8. Logo: can be customized

9. Packing: suction card

10. Outer carton: 100 pcs/box; 10 pcs/medium box

11. Size: 85*37*46CM

12. Gross net weight: 27/25kg

Product Detail

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Features Of Product

1. Safe and easy-to-use butane-fueled torch tip with adjustable flame size and shape.

2. Light Up with Piezo Lgnition Technology. Just press to light fire, easy to operate with the gas flow regulator and air flow control valve cooking torch, can be flame intensity controlled, close the valve switch, the flame goes off.

3. The parts of the fire outlet are firm and durable, resistant to high temperature (1300).

4. New switch design and automatic ignition device to ensure ready ignition in a variety of environments.

5. The best gift for women and men (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, Birthdays)!

Instructions For Use

1. Position the product to butane fuel.

2. Turn the knob in the "+" direction to start the gas flow, then press the "PUSH" button in the center of the control knob until a click is heard.

3. If you want to adjust the flame, you need to adjust in "-" and "+".

4. Be aware that burning flames may appear during the two-minute warm-up period, during which the unit should not be more than 15 degrees from the vertical.

5. After burning for two minutes, the appliance is preheated and can be used at any angle.


1. Please inflate in a well-ventilated place.

2. Do not disassemble or disassemble by yourself.

3. Do not let children touch it to avoid danger.

4. If it is found to be aging and worn, it should be replaced in time to ensure safety.

5. For safety, it is necessary to check all parts frequently.

6. Do not store flammable gas in a place where the heat source is too high.

7. Don't get close to open flames.


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