WS-504C Refillable kitchen flame torch lighter butane cooking culinary torch

Short Description:

1. Color: black+red

2. Size: 150X83X40mm

3. Weight: 130g

4. Stainless steel tube

5. Barrel caliber: 19mm

6. Fuel: Butane

7. Logo: can be customized

8. Packing: suction card

9. Outer carton: 100 pcs/box; 10 pcs/medium box

10. Size: 75*29*43cm

11. Gross net weight: 18.5/17kg

Product Detail

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Features Of Product

1. High firepower, stable flame heating, high temperature resistance of the shell, not easy to burn.

2. The air box has a large capacity and can be repeatedly inflated to meet the needs of long-term work.

3. The parts of the fire outlet are firm and durable, resistant to high temperature (1300°).

4. The flame adjustment operation is simple and flexible, and the flame size is relatively stable.

5. New switch design and automatic ignition device to ensure ready ignition in a variety of environments.

Instructions For Use

1. After adding butane, press the ignition switch to light up. Please wait no less than 5 minutes after refueling, do not overcharge, otherwise it may cause a big orange flame, which is very dangerous.

2. Switch to continuous flame mode: turn the torch clockwise to "off", while lighting the torch, it will keep burning.

3. Slide the sawtooth button to control the flame level, please be careful when the butane burns.

4. Turn the ignition switch to the "ON" position and the flame will go out. Please lock the ignition switch after use to prevent accidental ignition.


1. It is recommended to use high-quality butane gas.

2. After adding gas, wait a few minutes for the gas to stabilize before operating.

3. It is recommended to inflate every 3-5 seconds.

4. To prevent burns, do not touch the nozzle during use.

5. Before storing, please confirm that the product has no open flame and has been cooled.

6. When inflating, if there is air leakage from the air inlet, it means that the gas cylinder is full.


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