Windproof Smoking Portable Butane Gas Jet Mini Flame Cigar Smoking Set Cigarette Lighter

Short Description:

EU CE certificate

1. Size: 10.4X6X16cm

2. Weight: 201g

3. Gas volume: 10 g

4. Aluminum alloy + zinc alloy

5. Security lock

6. Fuel: Butane

Color box

Packing: 100 pcs/box; 10 pcs/medium box;

Size: 57X34X68.5 cm

Gross/Net: 28 /27kg

Product Detail

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Features Of Product

1.Electronic clip switch button, straight to the blue flame, the switch button is moderately tight and comfortable.

2. Stainless steel nozzle, convenient and quick, golden brass crater, high temperature flame and high firepower.

3. Humanized appearance design, moderate hand feel, easy to carry and easy to use.

4. Bottom inflatable hole, inflatable device, safe and long-term use.

Instructions For Use

1.Push the safety lock from OFF to ON.

2.Press the button of the electronic clamp,the gas will be ejected at the same time, and the flame will be lit.

3.When the flame is burning. push the safety lock from ON to OFF and the flame can continue to burn.

4.The flame size can be adjusted by pushing the adjustment lever on the front of the product.

5.When you need to turn off the flame push the safety lock from OFF to ON.

6.When storing the product keep the product closed and push the safety lock from ON to OFF.


1. Please read all instructions and warnings before use;

2. After filling the butane gas, please wait for a few minutes until the gas is stable;

3. Keep away from fire sources, heaters or combustible items;

4. Do not touch the nozzle during use or just after use to avoid burns;

5. Confirm that the product has no open flame and has cooled before storing;

6. Do not disassemble or repair by yourself;

7. Please use it in a ventilated environment, pay attention to flammable materials;

8. Please do not face the direction of the fire head to the skin, clothes and other flammable items.

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