Wholesale Portable Inflatable Outdoor BS 700 Electronic Torch Lighter

Short Description:

1. Color: silver, black

2. Size: 15.2X7.4X19.5cm

3. Weight: 330 g

4. Air capacity: 20g

5. The head adjusts the flame size

6. Aluminum alloy shell

7. Security lock

8. Fuel: Butane

9. Logo: can be customized

10. Packing: double blister

11. Outer carton: 60 pcs/carton; 10 pcs/medium box

12. Size: 62.5*49.3*57cm

13. Gross net weight: 27.5/26kg

Product Detail

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Features Of Product

1. Child safety lock to prevent accidental ignition for safety.

2. Powerful firepower ignites objects without pressure. Easy to adjust fire power and fill fire.

3. Refillable and easy to handle, easy to carry and store.

4. Barbecue, cigarette lighting, welding, bamboo handicraft processing, drying, picnic and other occasions you want to use.


Instructions For Use

1.Press the ignition to light up after refill Butane. Please wait for no less than 5 minutes after refill, and don't over-charge the torch, it may cause a large orange flame, that's dangerous.

2. Switch to continuous flame mode: Turn fire ignition clockwise to 'close' while light up the torch, and it will remain burning.

3.Slide the sawtooth button to control the flame level, please be careful when butane burning.

4.Turn the ignition to 'open' station, the flame will goes out. After use, please lock the ignition to prevent from accident ignite.


Warm Tips

1.Do not touch the fire or flame protection tube when using.

2.Do not touch the flame protection tube immediately after use.

3.Blow torches are not to be used by children without supervision.

4.Do not inflate too full, and the inflation time shall not exceed 10 seconds.

5.Before inflation, clean the residual butane in the cooking torch. After inflation, let it stand for a few minutes before use to prevent flame jet.


How To Deal With Failure?

First of all, our products are produced in a strict quality control system, and the defective rate is less than 0.2%.

Secondly, during the half-year warranty period, we will send new flashlights for new orders in small batches. For defective batches, we will repair and resend it to you, or we can discuss.

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