Promotional piezo Ignition inversion use WS-516C exquisite compact adjustable butane welding torch

Short Description:

EU CE certificate

1. Color: White + gray

2. Size: 200x75x40mm

3. Weight: 162 G

4. Stainless steel pipe

5. Barrel diameter: 22mm

6. Adjustable direct fire & open fire

7. It can be used upside down

8. Logo: customizable

9. Packaging: suction card

10. Outer box: 100 pieces / box; 10 pieces / medium box

11. Size: 83 * 34 * 45cm

12. Gross and net weight: 20.5/19kg

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Features Of Product

1. It can be used upside down, adjustable open flame.

2. The flame adjustment is convenient and quick, and the flame size is stable.

3. Safety lock prevents accidental ignition and keeps your hands safe from flames.

4. The cassette interface gas tank is easy to install, and the gas tank can be locked by rotating it. The card-type interface is suitable for the standard card-type gas tanks of the brands sold in the market.

5. For lighting fireplaces, candles or cigars, etc.



1. Install the product on the gas tank.

2. Turn the rear adjustment button counterclockwise and press the front switch button to ignite.

3. Rotate the back adjustment button to adjust the flame size.

4. Turn the adjustment button to the end to extinguish the flame.

5. Remove the product from the air tank during collection.



1. Read all instructions and warnings before use;

2. Be careful when using near fires, heaters or flammable objects;

3. Do not touch the pipe orifice during use or just after use to avoid scalding;

4. Please confirm that the product has no open flame and has cooled before receiving the product;

5. Do not disassemble or repair by yourself;

6. Please use in a ventilated environment, pay attention to flammable substances;

7. It is strictly prohibited to face, skin, clothes and other combustible substances in the direction of the fire head to avoid danger;

8. When igniting, please identify the position of the fire outlet and press the ignition switch moderately.

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