Portable customizable logo refillable butane gas jet torch cigarette lighter cigar lighter

Short Description:

1. Color: silver, black, white, gold

2. Size: 9.8×5 4X15. 7cm

3. Weight: 198 G

4. Gas capacity: 10g

5. Adjust the flame size at the head

6. Zinc alloy + plastic

7. Safety lock

8. Package: color box

9. Packing: 100 pieces / box; 10 pieces / medium box

10. Size: 57x32x68 cm

11.Gross and net weight: 28 / 27kg

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1. Manually adjust the tip direction.

2. Ignition button, convenient and quick, lightly press to ignite.

3. Inflatable device, the bottom is inflatable device to ensure long-turm use.

4. Adjustable flame size can be adjusted according to the needs.

5. Rigorous testing to ensure it meets industry safety guidelines.

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Instructions For Use

1. Push the switch lock from off to on.

2. Press the button of the circular Electronic Clip, the gas will be ejected at the same time, and the flame will be ignited.

3. When the flame burns, push the switch lock from on to off, and the flame can burn.

4. The flame size can be adjusted by pushing the adjusting rod on the front of the product.

5. When it is necessary to turn off the flame, push the switch lock from off to on.

6. When collecting the product, make the product in the off state, and push the switch lock from on to off.

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1.Please read all instructions and warnings before use.

2.To use butane gas, please turn the body upside down and push the butane tank firmly to the inflation valve.After filling the butane gasplease wait a few minutes until the gas is stable.

3. Please use caution when nearfire sourcesheaters or combustibles.

4.Do not touch the nozzle during use or just after use to avoid burns.

5.Please confirm that the product has no flames and has cooled down before storing.

6.Do not disassemble or repair by yourself.

7.It contains pressurized flammable gasplease keep away from children.

8. Please use in a ventilated environment pay attention to flammable materials.

9.The direction of the fire head is strictly prohibited to face flammable substances such as faceskin and clothing to avoid danger.

10.When igniting,please look for the position of the fire outletand press the switch moderately to ignite.

11.Do not leave the lighter in a high temperature environment(50 degrees Celsius/122 degrees Fahrenheit) for a long time,and avoid direct sunlight for a long timesuch as around the stove.outdoorenclosedunmannedvehicles and trunks.

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