OS-507A Professional Grilling Torch Lighter Kitchen Cooking Torch Food Grill Gun for Searing Steak and Creme Brulee

Short Description:

1. Color: white + gray

2. Size: 197×37×67mm

3. Weight: 116 g

4. Stainless steel tube

5. Barrel caliber: 12mm

8. Fuel: Butane

Blister packaging

Packing: 100 pcs/carton;

Size: 85×27×45cm

Gross net weight: 17.5/16kg

Product Detail

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Features Of Product

1. Simple operation and high safety. No need to light the torch with flame, just press the button to light up.

2. It's small enough to fit in your kitchen drawer, RV or backpack for outdoor adventures.

3. To ensure long-lasting use, the ergonomic design provides comfort to your hands and protects your fingers from being scalded.

4. Portable torch, multipurpose, for professional and creative home cooks.

Instructions For Use

Step1: Positioning the connector to the butane fuel.

Step2: Turn the torch clockwise to lockin.

Step3: Turn the adjust know clockwise to release butane gas.

Step4: Press the ignition button to light the torch.

Waring Tips

1.Use only high-quality butane gas.

2. When filling the gas if there is gas leakage from the inlet it means that the gas cylinder is full.

3.After fueling allow a few minutes for the gas to stabilize before the operation.

4.The each gas filling is suggested to carry out in 3-5 seconds intervals.

5.Keep away from eyes at all times.

6.Keep out of reach of children.

7.Use only butane gas in this torch.

8.Don't unscrew the valve in the base.


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