How to buy high-quality lighters?

To understand how to choose a high-quality lighter, we must first start with a knowledge point, that is, there are 3 necessary conditions for combustion

1. Combustibles

2. Combustion

3. Heat


As long as these three conditions are met, then it is a high-quality lighter, and the fire will always burn. These three conditions correspond to the lighter.

Butane - Combustible

Air - Combustion

Igniter - heat

Butane and air We understand very well that the igniter does not provide heat continuously, it only provides heat when igniting, and the heat of subsequent combustion is provided by the ignited flame, so that the lighter can keep burning, but For ordinary lighters, as long as we blow on it, it is easy to extinguish. The reason is that because the wind takes away the heat, the temperature suddenly drops below the ignition point of butane, and the butane fuel provided subsequently cannot be burned. Why is the lighter not easy to put out? If you have an abandoned windproof lighter around you, you can disassemble its structure. Compared with ordinary lighters, it has a small part inside. Don't look at this small part, it is Brings a noticeable change to the lighter.

1. Fuel acceleration
First, after the liquid butane is ejected from the gas tank, it will encounter the metal mesh in the above picture, and the liquid butane dispersed by the metal mesh will speed up the vaporization process and increase the speed of butane ejection. It's like plugging a faucet with our hands, the pressure of the water increases and the speed of the water increases

2. Gasify butane in advance and mix with air
The butane ejected at high speed enters the mixing chamber. There are two small holes on both sides of the mixing chamber. When the air is told to pass through the middle, according to Bernoulli's principle, the faster the speed, the lower the air pressure, so the surrounding air, It is sucked into the mixing chamber through these two holes and thoroughly mixed with butane.

3. It is not easy to be blown out when ignited in the cavity
The mixed gas enters the combustion chamber and is then ignited by the igniter. The combustion chamber is like a chimney, which is not easily blown by the outside wind, but also accelerates the ejection speed of the flame.

4. Reburning Catalytic Net
If you look closely, you will find that in the windproof lighter, there is a circle of filaments on the top jet port, which is the re-ignition catalytic net. When the lighter is ignited, they will be burned red. If the flame is still blown out after the first three processes, these red-burning filaments can ignite the butane again.

That's how windproof lighters work
Of course, it is not completely impossible to be blown out. If you hold your breath and blow hard, you may still be blown out. However, there are several powerful big brothers of windproof lighters, such as some windproof gas stoves, and one of the most sturdy Big brother, then gas welding. Mr. Zizai has exhausted his milk-feeding strength, so it is impossible to blow out the gas welding~

Post time: May-26-2022