Good Cooking Tools-Butane Torch

Does your cooking torch give you a sideways look every time you open your kitchen cabinet?It’s as if it’s surreptitiously judging your brief but passionate romance with homemade crème brûlée.Well, with a little creativity and a little pyromania, you can finally pull that food torch out of retirement and put it to good use!

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While most of us associate this tool with the classic caramel crust of crème brûlée, the cooking torch has proven to be ideal for embellishing sweet and savory dishes.But before you indulge in the urge to set fire, let’s review some safety precautions.
First, make sure your torch lighter has an adjustable flame intensity and an easy-to-grip handle.Once you’ve got the right torch, be sure to light it before exposing it to food so your dinner doesn’t get contaminated with raw fuel.Put food on metal trays before burning (plastic melts) and make sure your rags aren’t lying around waiting to catch fire.Last but not least, don’t forget to turn off the gas before storing the torch.
Now, you’re ready to act!We’ve rounded up some of our favorite ways to use this handy kitchen tool that’s sure to get you excited.
While we love dressing up fiber- and protein-rich oatmeal with fun and healthy toppings, some mornings need more than a little honey.Roasting your toppings is the perfect way to refresh your oats.Not to mention, it will wake you up completely.Top your bowl with nonfat unsweetened cocoa powder and cinnamon and burn off to give the spices some smoky flavor.For those with a sweet tooth, add a few drops of vanilla extract to oats and garnish with sliced ​​bananas, cinnamon, and honey for a simple banana oatmeal.Then, let the torch caramelize the topping.Or, if you’re craving something delicious, spread the oats with a scoop of heart-healthy almond butter and melt it to perfection with your gas tortch.
For meats that are best slightly undercooked—like lamb, prime rib, and roast beef—use your culinary torch to lightly sear the surface before placing the protein in the oven.This method also works for fish.Just scald the skin on the salmon fillet for an extra bite.For a crowd-favorite appetizer, wrap roasted asparagus in turkey bacon and fire it up to add to the flavor factor and impress your guests before dinner.
After expertly grilling the meat of your choice, the grill faints by sweeping your flashlight horizontally across the surface of the meat or vegetable side dish a few times until it produces those lovely burn marks.An added bonus: Your friends will think you spent the afternoon flipping burgers on Barbie.
Skip the canned version and roast your own peppers and tomatoes at home.Your cooking torch will scald these red superfoods faster than your oven hopes.We love this quick way to organize sandwiches.Additionally, multiple studies have shown that red fruits and vegetables—their rosy color comes from flavonoids called anthocyanins—are particularly effective against
For a quick breakfast or healthy dessert, simply toast your favorite fruit on the surface.The flame will quickly caramel the fruit’s natural sugars, so there’s no need to sprinkle any saccharin crystals.Figs, peaches, bananas, and grapefruit work best, but you can try any fruit.We especially love this healthy spin on waist-skinned citrus, deliciously named Grapefruit Cardamom Pudding.(Shh! This recipe calls for coconut sugar!)
When you have a food torch, there’s no need to gather a busy group of friends to go camping or nagging your sweetheart to pick up wood for the backyard fire pit.Just sandwich a marshmallow and a piece of antioxidant-rich dark chocolate between two graham crackers and bake with your refillable gas torch.Sure, you can spin all that goo on a kebab on the stove, but what’s the fun in that?
Whether you’re layering slices on sourdough or sprinkling the goodies on top of a bowl of homemade French onion soup, using a kitchen torch can make fully melted cheese in minutes.Speaking of comfort food, check out these 20 chili recipes to keep you warm this fall.

Instead of sprinkling plain old breadcrumbs on your salads, light up your chef cooking torch and blanch them for an extra delicious Caesar salad.Or, when you finally decide to try Grandma’s famous macaroni and cheese in your own kitchen, skip those perpetual hours waiting for the crumbs to crisp under the broiler.Just sweep your food flashlight across the plate until the carb crumbs are completely golden brown.
For a delicious spin on a Mexican classic, place fresh or frozen corn kernels in a metal bowl and lightly sear with your kitchen gas blow torch.Then add some chopped red onions, jalapeños, cilantro, and your homemade roasted red peppers along with a few cups of salt and pepper.Don’t be surprised when your family reaches out!


Post time: Aug-04-2022