Good Quality WS-533B Safety Welding Refillable Blow Butane Gas Torch Welding

Short Description:

1. Color: red+black

2. Size: 161×38×49mm

3. Weight: 109 g

4. Stainless steel tube

5. Barrel caliber: 19mm

6. Can be used upside down

Fuel: Butane

Blister packaging

Packing: 100 pcs/carton;

Size: 75*29*43cm

Gross net weight: 13/11kg

Product Detail

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Features Of Product

1. Adjustable design of butane torch, you can adjust the flame size according to your needs without affecting the flame level.

2. Electronic clip switch button, lightly press to ignite and keep the flame burning.

3. Small size, easy to carry. Not only used in the kitchen, but also in industrial, outdoor and other places.

4. The bottom is an inflatable device to ensure long-term use and meet work needs.

5. Once you discover what our grilling torch can do in your kitchen, you'll want to share it with all your friends and family! Whether you're celebrating a friend's birthday or welcoming your family to their new home, a cooking torch is an unforgettable and admirable gift.

Direction Of Use

1. Slowly turn the knob in the "+" direction, then press the "PUSH" button in the center of the control knob until you hear a click.

2. Adjust the flame between the "-" and "+" (low and high heat) positions as needed.

3. Be aware that a burning flame may appear during the two-minute warm-up period, during which the unit should not be more than 15 degrees from the vertical.

4. After burning for two minutes, the appliance is preheated and can be used at any angle without scattering.


1. When refilling, there must be no flames around.

2. Do not add gas while smoking, keep away from all flammable items.

3. Do not use it in a baking place to prevent cracking.

4. When firing and adjusting the flame, do not aim at the face or get too close to the face, so as to avoid accidents caused by the flame spraying out.

5. The outlet valve should be kept clean at ordinary times, and the dirt on the lamp head should be removed with a brush frequently to avoid the phenomenon of flame skew.


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