BS-891 Refillable adjustable safety kitchen flame lighter butane cooking BBQ culinary torch lighter

Short Description:

1. Color: red, black, blue

2. Size: 8.4X3.4X13.4cm

3. Weight: 201g

4. Air capacity: 6g

5. The head adjusts the flame size

6. Zinc alloy + plastic

7. Fuel: Butane

Gift Package

Packing: 40 pcs/carton;

Size: 48.5x34x23CM

Gross net weight: 13.5/12.5kg

Product Detail

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Features Of Product

1. High firepower, stable flame heating, high temperature resistance of the shell, not easy to burn.

2.The size and length of the flame can be adjusted at any time according to your own requirements.

3.The air box has a large capacity and can be repeatedly inflated to meet the needs of long-term work.

4.Humanized appearance design, comfortable hand feel, easy to carry at any time.

5.Multifunctional torch for various occasions.


Instructions For Use

1. Push the safety lock from OFF to ON.

2. Press the button of the electronic clamp, the gas will be ejected at the same time, and the flame will be lit.

3. When the flame is burning, push the safety lock from ON to OFF, and the flame can continue to burn.

4. The flame size can be adjusted by pushing the adjustment lever on the front of the product.

5. When you need to turn off the flame, push the safety lock from OFF to ON.

6. When storing the product, keep the product closed and push the safety lock from ON to OFF.



1. Do not store near the gas tank and gas pipe to prevent the lighter from exploding and detonating the gas.

2. After the gas lighter is heated, it is easy to explode. Therefore, do not put the lighter in the windowsill and other places exposed to direct sunlight, especially in hot summer, as it is more unsafe to place it.

3. Store away from heat sources to prevent deflagration from heat. Places that are prone to high heat, such as stoves, high-heat lamps, and heating machines, should be kept as far away as possible.

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