BS-881 encendedor soplete kitchen lighter windproof cooking torch stainless steel adjustable butane torch lighter

Short Description:

EU CE certificate

1. Color: red, black, blue, silver

2. Size: 9X6X19.4 cm

3. Weight: 241g

4. Air capacity: 10g

5. The head adjusts the flame size

6. Zinc alloy housing

7. Fuel: Butane

Colorful package

Carton: 50pcs/carton;

Size: 47.5x41x40CM

Gross/Net: 17/16kg

Product Detail

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Features Of Product

1. Single musket barrel, windproof torch, straight into the blue flame, strong vitality.

2. Ignition button, lightly press to ignite, convenient and quick.

3. High temperature flame, high firepower, strong flame heating and stable heating, the highest temperature can reach 1300 °.

4. The flame adjustment operation is simple and flexible, and the flame size is relatively stable.


Direction Of Use

1.Please read all instructions and warnings before using the gas torch.

2.To fill gas tank. Turn unit upside down and firmly push the butane can into the filling valve. The tank should be filled in 10 seconds. Please allow a few minutes after filling for the gas  to stabilize.

3.To ignite the kitchen torch. Firstly,  Push down the lock switch and press the ignitor button.

4.To keep the flame burning. Just push up the lock switch when the flame is burning.

5.To adjust soft flame.Adjust the flame between a torch or flame by push down  double small nail of the head.

6.To shut off the kitchen torch. Push down the lock switch, then keep in lock.

7.Adjustment of flame: adjust the switch to control the flame between the big flame(+) and the small flame(-).

8.Approximate operating time per filling, over 30 minutes.


Kind Tips

1. For safety reasons, keep away from fire sources, flammable items.

2. Do not use the flame torch for more than 15 minutes, let the torch rest and cool down naturally after use. Do not immerse hot parts in water.

3. When refilling, if there is air leakage from the air inlet, it means that the gas cylinder is full. Continuing can lead to excessive stress. Don't keep filling.

4. Keep the kitchen flashlight away from children when using it, and do not touch the protective tube when using it.

5. Please keep the product away from direct sunlight for a long time.


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