BS-870 Professional Portable Windproof Flamethrower Butane Gas Torch Jet Torch Lighter

Short Description:

EU CE certificate

1. Color: red, black, blue, purple

2. Size: 3.5X3.2X18.7CM

3. Weight: 102g

4. Air capacity: 8g

5. Adjust the flame size in the middle

6. Zinc alloy + plastic

7. Fuel: Butane

8.Logo: can be customized

9. Packing: display box

10. Packing: 96 pcs/carton; 12 pcs/display box

11. Size: 36.5X29.5X44.3CM

12. Gross net weight: 12/11kg

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Features Of Product

1. Stainless steel spout, high temperature resistant shell, strong firepower and not easy to burn.

2. The long nozzle angle protects fingers from the flame. The flame size can be adjusted according to your own needs.

3. The tightness of the switch button is moderate and the hand feels comfortable. Easy to carry and store.

4. Suitable for various scenarios, such as barbecue, picnic, dessert, etc.


Direction Of Use

1.Please read all instructions and warnings before using the gas torch.

2.To fill gas tank. Turn unit upside down and firmly push the butane can into the filling valve. The tank should be filled in 10 seconds. Please allow a few minutes after filling for the gas to stabilize.

3.To ignite the cigar torch. Firstly, turn the lock knob into open.Then press the trigger.

4.To keep the flame burning. Just slide up the lock button when the flame is burning.

5.To shut off the cigar torch. Push up the lock button open ,then keep in lock.




1. Be careful when approaching fire sources, heaters or combustibles.

2. When adding gas, there must be no fire around.

3. Before storing, please confirm that the product has no open flame and has been cooled.

4. Do not disassemble or repair by yourself.

5. Use qualified butane gas, inferior gas will damage the product and reduce the lifespan.

6.Never puncture or put in fire.

7.Lighter are no toys , do not let children play with it.

8.Plase adjust the flame at the suitable height in order to avoid danger.


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